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Protect your business and your clients with business continuity and crisis management solutions from CB Resiliency. We specialize in servicing the small and medium sized business community and understand how to design programs that work within their resource limitations. CB Resiliency evaluates the human dynamics of your business and designs a solution for using your resources in the best way possible for resuming and recovering your operations.

Our services are based on leading industry practices, and heavily influenced by the United States military’s creation and use of Human Terrain Teams as deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our goal is for our clients to realize their maximum business resiliency by concentrating on client-specific requirements through the analysis and extrapolation of their business culture and their network of relationships.

Contact us at (917) 714-9180 in New York, NY, and prepare for the unexpected with crisis management and business continuity plans.

Are You Resilient?

Resiliency is essential for ensuring the survival of any business after an incident, crisis or disaster. Every business owner must understand the threats to their enterprise, identify the services critical to their business operations, and know what they will need to resume any interrupted services efficiently and successfully. Business continuity and crisis management programs minimize the duration and complication of disrupted services. The probability of an event preventing a business from providing service to their clients has increased in recent years, highlighting the crucial need for business resiliency for everyone regardless of size.

The Resiliency Gap

Small and medium sized businesses in the Greater New York Area, however, rarely attract professional business continuity/crisis management (BC/CM) consulting firms because their requirements are too small to cover the overhead and provide enough profit per engagement. There is, therefore, a business resiliency gap among small and medium sized businesses – a private sector population that is the most vulnerable to an incident because they do not possess the resources and personnel of larger firms. Yet smaller businesses must rely far more upon their BC/CM programs than their corporate counterparts but often lack effective resiliency plans and programs.

Harness the Human Dynamics of Business Continuity

Chaly Business Resiliency (CB Resiliency) seeks to address the business resiliency gap between small/medium sized businesses and large businesses by offering a menu of business continuity and crisis management options tailored to resource constrained, smaller enterprises. By analyzing your business through a business continuity/crisis management relationship matrix, CB Resiliency can optimize your use of existing resources through the often underutilized Human Dynamics of your operations.

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