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Michael Chaly

About the Owner

A veteran of the United States Navy, and a former analyst with the Department of Justice, Michael Chaly has over 20 years of business continuity, threat analysis, and crisis management experience. Michael has an MPA in Emergency & Disaster Management (Pi Alpha Alpha), and an MA in Military History, specializing in low-intensity conflicts.  He has earned several industry certifications, including a BS-25999 from the Business Continuity Institute and an Emergency and Crisis Management certification from the Israeli Military Industries Academy for Security and Anti-Terror Training. He has professional experience with both large and small consulting firms focusing on business continuity and crisis management engagements across a range of industries at all levels of service.

While assisting clients across various industries in larger consulting companies, Michael noticed a resiliency gap between large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses, which were not of the scale often targeted by the larger consulting firms. He recognized that the need for business continuity and crisis management programs within these smaller businesses was even greater, often due to the lack of relative resources and finances. Michael subsequently formed Chaly Business Resiliency (CB Resiliency) to create customized resiliency solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.  CB Resiliency focuses on the interactions and dependencies within and outside of a client's business, thereby ensuring the optimal use of existing resources while simultaneously delivering a strategic planning blueprint for future growth.