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1.    Full Program

Based on the size of the client, one BC/CM professional will work with the client for one to two weeks to create a BC/CM program.  The Full Program option runs a minimum of 40 hours.

CBR Deliverables:

  • Business Impact and Risk Analysis

  • Crisis Management Plan covering:

      o    Triggers
      o    Communication
      o    Relocation Area
      o    Team Information
      o    General Guidelines

  • Business Continuity Plan

      o    Critical Business Processes, RTOs, Responsibilities
      o    Dependencies
      o    Critical Clients
      o    Vital Records
      o    Work Area Relocation
      o    Recovery Actions
      o    Business Owner’s Intent

  • CBR Client Culture Mapping Tool

      o    Internal/External Relationship Network
      o    Analyzed Dependencies
      o    Options to Consider for teaming and resource allocation

2.    BC/CM Training Sessions

One-on-One or group workshop training sessions designed to teach participants the core BC/CM concepts. The minimum time period is one hour for individual sessions and two hours for a group workshop.  Ideally, clients should allocate two hours for an individual session, and four hours for a group workshop.

CBR Deliverables

    • PowerPoint Training Presentation and student packet
  • Materials as needed for group learning activities

3.   Tabletop Crisis Scenario Exercise

Two to four hour role playing session designed to test the business BC/CM program and personnel against a predetermined event.

CBR Deliverables

    • PowerPoint Scenario Exercise
    • Scenario development materials
  • After Action Report

4.   Ala Carte

    • BIA and/or RA
    • BC Plan(s)
    • CM Plan
    • Training
  • Tabletop Exercise