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Be Proactive about the Risks Facing Your Business

CB Resiliency offers a unique, small/medium business resiliency solution based on the leading industry standards such as BS-25999  and ISO-22301.  What differentiates the CB Resiliency methodology is the central focus on the human dynamics of a client’s business.  Heavily influenced by the U.S. Military’s creation and use of The Human Terrain Teams in Iraq and Afghanistan, CB Resiliency seeks to achieve sustainable business resiliency by concentrating on client specific requirements through the analysis and extrapolation of their business culture and network of relationships.

CB Resiliency’s services include the creation of a client culture mapping tool, depicting all business dependencies, both internal and external. This tool optimizes the use of existing client resources for each incident, and supplements ongoing strategic business planning by providing an additional resiliency lens to business owners.  The CB Resiliency client culture map transforms passive BC/CM programs from a necessary evil that drains finances into a proactive asset with tangible value for future profit making decisions.

Influenced by Lean Six Sigma, CB Resiliency solutions often implements a Kaizen  event based strategy seeking to achieve rapid results within five days.  Clients provide the necessary time, personnel, and resources and, together with CB Resiliency, develop breakthrough resiliency achievements.  Working together in the co-creation of materials ensures full awareness and acceptance of resiliency products.  


    •  Translates industry terminology and presentation to each client’s specific culture. All phrases, terms, and concepts are understandable and presented in a familiar way – in the client’s look and feel.
    •  Delivers succinct, clear, and simple plans and instructions.  All program materials are easily located and disseminated.
    •  Co-develops all program materials with the client to ensure realistic solutions and immediate adoption.
  •  Works with existing assets and current business structures that account for client constraints.