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Misperceptions About Business Resiliency


I have insurance

There is often a false sense of security among business owners in having an insurance policy.  Many think that having a policy protects their business and ensures its resiliency.  Validated insurance claims will provide financial relief to the policy holder at some point after an incident.  However, insurance will not provide any assistance regarding obligations to customers or clients, or in preventing permanent reputational damage from failing to deliver agreed upon products or services.  Insurance is a passive counter measure that remains inactive until the policy holder becomes a victim of disruption. 

CB Resiliency services are designed to pro-actively resume your critical services in the shortest amount of time and in the best possible manner so that your reputation is protected and strengthened.  Unlike insurance, business continuity and crisis management programs do not require an underwriter or a waiting period for activation - and there are no adjusted higher premiums after an incident for the operation of these programs.

I can just work from home

Many believe that if they only need a computer and access to the internet, they can simply work from home in the event of a disruption.  However, the actual practice of working from home has proven problematic for most businesses regardless of industry. Events and realistic exercises consistently demonstrate that most workers encounter unanticipated issues. For example, many businesses fail to realistically plan for security concerns and/or overwhelmed or aging municipal/commercial capabilities to provide connectivity services after an event.  Even fewer owners consider the human factors such as family obligations that could prevent working from home as a viable option.

CB Resiliency creates realistic work relocation strategies that consider relocation options holistically, including the immediate personal issues of clients and employees.  For example, you or an employee may have all the necessary equipment and connectivity but will still be unable to work because your children’s school is being used as a logistical forwarding center for emergency equipment or as a shelter - and you can’t secure babysitting because the transportation system is compromised. Or you may find that you really do need to work as a team face to face in order to complete a deliverable for a client.

CB Resiliency will validate your “I can just work from home” mindset through professional comprehensive planning and realistic testing.

It’s too expensive

Chaly Business Resiliency’s mission is to help every client realize a stronger business resiliency.  We understand the resource constraints of small and medium sized businesses which is why our solutions are economical and tailored for each client. 

Passive, defensive measures are the weakest kind of protection you can have for your enterprise.  The cost of doing nothing to ensure your business resiliency is far more expensive than a pro-active strategy.  CB Resiliency will work with you to aggressively protect your business by creating a strong business continuity/crisis management program within your budget.  One event may not destroy your business, but it could destroy your reputation and customer/client relationships, which could be financially catastrophic.  

We did fine the last time without it

Perhaps the most dangerous mistaken belief about business resiliency comes from people who successfully went through a particular incident without a business continuity strategy or plan.  Businesses that got by during the last incident without a plan or training should not fool themselves – they were lucky.  They will probably not be as lucky the next time. 

CB Resiliency believes that the absolute worst time to plan for a crisis or disruption is when it is happening.  Making decisions on the fly, in an extremely stressful, time compressed environment can be the surest path to failure.  At best, you are only reacting to events and will never get in front of them. Virtually all businesses that mitigate contingencies by the seat of their pants lack any mechanisms for recording the lessons learned after the event so their response improves over time.  Unprepared businesses unnecessarily create single points of failure in the event a key employee with the knowledge about what to do is missing or incapacitated.  

I’ll just pull something off the internet

There are two main issues with pulling something off the internet:  The first deals with the avalanche of links that overwhelm an internet search; the second lies in the need for a specialized versus general resiliency solution.

Most business owners are unaware of business resiliency leading practices.  They search the internet, sometimes in panic, for a business resiliency solution to solve a looming issue such as an impending storm or new regulation.  One can quickly get lost in the pages of resiliency links, most of which fail to provide what you are seeking.  Worse, it is very easy to pull the wrong solution off the internet.  Avoid losing time and choosing the wrong service!  CB Resiliency believes that you should do what you do best – run your business, and let us do what we do best, which is making your business resilient. 

Unlike larger corporations, small and medium sized businesses require personalized attention that factors in their personality and culture.  Beware of a one-size-fits-all commercial solution for your business continuity and crisis management requirements. Successful resiliency solutions are tailored to the client – the client should never be tailored to the solution.  Yet, off the shelf business continuity and crisis management solutions, especially software, often fail precisely because they must generalize in order to be profitable.